This much-less-than-obvious internet law can make or break your profits on the web

"1 In 2,000 Visitors Drive
HALF Your Profit Online"

But Only if You Know How to Turn
Hyper-Responsive Visitors  into
Customers BEFORE Your Competition!

Whether that "1 in 2000" customer goes with you or your competition will be THE difference maker in your business, long term.  Why is no one talking about this?

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.


From The Desk Of:  Dr. Glenn Livingston
Tuesday, 9:47 a.m.
(Lincoln, NH)

Dear Friend,

Most marketers ignore hyper-responsive buyers.

That means you can make a LOT more money with less effort if you know how to sell to them, even in brutally competitive markets. 

Here's the simple math: 

  • THE 80/20 RULE: 80% of profits come from 20% of customers
  • THE 80/20 RULE SQUARED: you can apply the 80/20 rule to the TOP 20% of customers too.  Without getting too caught up in the math (e.g. 80% x 80% = 64% and 20% x 20% = 4%, etc)... about 5% of buyers drive HALF the profits   
  • THE 80/20 RULE SQUARED ON THE INTERNET: 5% of BUYERS may drive HALF your profits, but only 1% OF VISITORS BECOME BUYERS on most sites.  1% x 5% = 0.01 x 0.05 = 0.0005 ... or ONE OUT OF TWO THOUSAND VISITORS

But you really don't have to understand (or agree with) my math in order to make more money with the information right here in this letter because:

  • Whether your a solo entrepreneur on a teeny tiny budget, or a Fortune 100 company with a Billion dollars to spend on advertising...
  • Whether or not you've made your first dollar online...
  • And even if you (heaven forbid) decide NOT to become my customer...

If you'll just entertain the idea that a small percent of special visitors drive a large percent of profits then these 5 Tested and Proven Hyper Responsive Marketing Principles below can make a dramatic and immediate difference in your business:

Dr. Glenn Livingston's 5 Little Known
Principles For Getting Hyper Responsive
Return On All Your Advertising Dollars

#1 - It's All About The Hyper Responsive Customer  

It's crazy.   Most marketers lump their best customers in with all the rest. 

All their advertising, products, price points, market research, customer service, follow up systems, and sales are targeted at one "big glob" of people... as if no customer was any more important than any other. 

So I want you to forget what Mom said about loving all your kids equally because in business, you've got to play favorites!   Otherwise, you're giving WAY TOO LITTLE ATTENTION to the people who put the most food on your table. 

Now, I know some people worry If you focus on a small group of customers you'll cut your volume and profits.   But it's actually just the opposite when you're talking about HYPER-RESPONSIVE customers.

Because they're the ones who really know what makes the WHOLE market tick.   Sell to them and watch the rest tag along.    Hyper-Responsives mean EVERYTHING to your business.  Find out who they are, how to reach them, and exactly what they want.  Then just give it to them.

#2 - Hyper-Responsives Buy "Real Points Of Difference" 

Hyper-responsive customers search hard for solutions and educate themselves to the hilt because they're looking for a deep relationship with a vendor who can provide DISTINCT ADVANTAGES they can't find elsewhere.  Find out what needs your competitors aren't addressing and hammer home your ability to do so.  Do it right and you'll be the only one in your market to offer these real points of difference!   

#3 - Hyper-Responsives Have Huge B.S. Detectors

You may have heard the common wisdom:  "people buy for emotional reasons then justify their purchase with logic".  But what no one tells you is that the emotional buttons you push have to make sense given what you're selling ... or else you'll UN-SELL the customer.  (Studies have shown it's possible for bad advertising to actually reduce sales)

It's true.  Link real human needs to a real product or service feature and you've got something.  Otherwise it's just hype... which is a nice word for bullshit.  And Hyper-Responsive customers have HUGE B.S. detectors ... so you've really got to get this right!

#4 - Use Hyper-Responsive Buying Language:

You've probably heard how important it is to use the customer's language, not your own.  This isn't news, even though hardly anyone does it.   But I'm talking about something WAY more powerful. 

I'm talking about HYPER-RESPONSIVE BUYING LANGUAGE ... the language people use when they're in heat and ready to buy, NOT when they're "kinda sorta thinking about it".  And only the most responsive people in your market can give you the hottest buying language.  Capture hyper-responsive buying language and use it in ALL your marketing and advertising efforts. 

#5 - Always Estimate Advertising Risk

Always estimate your cost per visitor, per lead, and per sale BEFORE you invest a fortune in product development and marketing.  There's just no excuse for risking a fortune in any venture today, especially online.  I'll show you how to use simple surveys, and free/low cost internet tools to minimize your advertising risk. 

Put these 5 principles together and you get...

My Golden Rule
"Sell Distinct Advantages to Hyper-
Responsive Customers Using Their
Buying Language And Emotional Values"

(And estimate your costs first!)

Makes sense, right? 

When you look back on what you've learned from me in 12 months or 12 years, you'll think of me as the guy who gave you the PRINCIPLES which finally took you to the next level, or maybe even saved your business from drowning. 

But since you probably don't know me from Adam, you might want...


"An Amazing Way To
Approach Market Intelligence"
Dave Seldon, Nashville, TN
"Eliminate Your Competition"
Stephen Georgulis,
Sydney, Australia

Proof Point Number One
$14,000,000 In Consulting Services

$14M sold to Fortune 500 clients (via "The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc." & "Executive Solutions, Inc" ... I'm the CEO of both) to clients like:

A T & T
American Express
Astra Zeneca
Bausch & Lomb
Burger King
Grey Advtg
Hunt Wesson
J & J
Flagship Banks
Ford Motor Company
General Mills
J Walter Thompson
M & M/Mars
Master Card
Ortho McNeil
P & G
Sara Lee
Warner Lambert

Despite how happy I am to have finally escaped the Fortune 500 world, I still AM one of the very few ‘marketing psychologists' billion-dollar companies have used to crawl deep inside their prospects' minds and uncover exactly what they were desperate to buy... to improve profits on existing product lines ... AND to research new markets (often before the idea for the product even existed).    

Proof Point Number Two
A Stellar Track Record In Many Markets
Having Nothing To Do With Making
Money Or Business Advice

Many people teaching marketing have never really made any money ANY way other than teaching internet marketing.  Kind of like the people who sold shovels and picks during the gold rush of the 1800s.  But before I started teaching these hyper-responsive traffic and sales principles, I proved them in a wide variety of markets having absolutely nothing to do with making money or business advice. 

In fact, at first I didn't intend to teach them at all. To be totally honest I was just SO fed up and stressed out I just wanted to hide behind my computer screen.  So I started a little publishing business, applying my principles to selling books and tapes on things having nothing to do with business advice like (click for full legal disclosure statement):

  • How to care for pet guinea pigs, rabbits, frogs, and goats (I sold over $250,000 worth of e-books and audios--each one for under $10--that's a lot of piggy books!) 

  • Reading body language (another $100K--$14.95 at a time)

  • How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles (I built a whole company around this one with a partner, it quickly had 100,000+ subscribers!)

  • And a whole range of other issues, like dealing with radon problems, waste water management, etc. 

The point is, these principles HAVE been proven in a wide variety of markets which have nothing to do with making money.  You should also know I risked no more than a few thousand dollars on any one venture.  You see you can get a pretty good estimate of your cost per lead and per sale BEFORE you even develop a product.  More importantly, you can tell how "hyper-responsive" a traffic source will be before you spend a lot on it.

That's why as soon I produced an income graph which looks like this once I started implementing the hyper-responsive formula (data below from actual report in account #46203):

Month By Month Income Growth When I
First Started Applying the Hyper-Responsive
Traffic and Sales Rocket Formula

((It's unlikely you will get the same results I did because I had 20 years of professional marketing experience prior to instituting these campaigns.  However, you WILL get the very best of my marketing knowledge with nothing held back.   Click to read the disclaimer and terms of use.
click for full disclosure statement)

(It's unlikely you will get the same results I did because I had 20 years of professional marketing experience prior to instituting these campaigns.  However, you WILL get the very best of my marketing knowledge with nothing held back.  Click to read the disclaimer and terms of use. Click for
full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement)

Proof Point Number Three
Thousand of Dollars Worth of Free Publicity

As further proof, consider the flood of publicity I've had from newspapers, radio and TV ABOUT my methods and principles.   (YOU can use the principles to generate publicity too!)

When you can see what's on people's minds--not just what they're thinking, but what actually motivates them to purchase, and what the emotional hot buttons are in a particular market--the press just eats it up, especially if you can offer some statistically reliable numbers as support.   Over the years, I've had tens of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity (including some feature stories) in t
he New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, Milwaukee Business Journal, Indiana Star Ledger, Crain's NY Business, and many, many more.

I've also published articles and had my work cited in many Trade Publications like ... American Demographics, Marketing News (American Marketing Association), Quirks Marketing Research Review, Views, Direct Marketing News, The Canadian Marketing Association, Transaction World, & Research Business Report, been on CBS, ABC, & Bloomberg Radio, and UPN, WNTN, & WGN TV

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I certainly hope all of the above is enough proof to get you to take me seriously.  But if not, you'll find literally dozens of VIDEO TAPED REACTIONS from people who've been exposed to the system later on in this letter.  (In the 'See for Yourself section') .   Let's move to more specifically discussing what I can do for YOU: 

Here Are Just Some Of
The Key Benefits Of The Hyper
Responsive Marketing System

  • When you do it right, it becomes extremely difficult for others in your market to compete:  Using this system, you'll know practically everything your market really wants ... it's like having an x-ray of your prospects' mind

  • Get higher click through rates in Adwords, MSN, and Yahoo because you'll know what the responsive people in the market are thinking BEFORE they see your ad 

  • You can dramatically increase profits for an existing business, or cut your risk of failure in new markets in half:  And, if you haven't figured out the difference between "price of entry" and "point of difference" in your market these are my conservative estimates

  • The principles are fully road tested and proven: I've used them to enter over a dozen markets without losing a dime
  • Hyper Responsive marketing can be applied to both online and traditional businesses, in combination with any strategy you desire:   These principles came from my consulting days as far back as 1987.  So it doesn't really matter whether you sell physical products, provide a service, or sell information online.  Whether you concentrate on one market or have 50 in your business model, whether you use Pay Per Click marketing or Direct Mail, Radio/TV, Display Ads, Classifieds, etc.   

  • They're idiot proof and I'll provided you with everything you need:   I've developed step-by-step instructions for Hyper Responsive marketing in virtually any situation.  Once you understand the basic process you can apply it anywhere. 

Find The "Hyper-Responsive Bulls-Eye"
Before You Invest Your Marketing Dollars
(Even Before You Develop A Product)

You can also spare yourself the 'black-hole-money-pit' or "not-fully-researched dream" which almost ruins you
(most entrepreneurs have at least one of these stories)

It doesn't matter whether you're marketing online or offline, whether you're B2C or B2B, whether you're a single entrepreneur working out of your basement, or the CEO of a multi-national company ... If you're not using the hyper-responsive marketing principles you'll learn in this system I'll bet you're leaving between ½ and 3 times your current income on the table, and/or needlessly failing at new product launches.  

How can I say this so confidently?  Because I know...

The #1 Reason Any Product Fails To Sell

It's not the marketing, the price or the customer base.  It's simply because... no one wanted to buy the product in the first place.   The truth of the matter is this...

The Best Marketing In The World Will
Not Sell A Product No One Wants To Buy

But...even crappy marketing will sell a product people are desperate for.  What's more, the sales will come fast and easy if you're SURE of exactly what the most responsive people in the market want, the EXACT LANGUAGE they use to describe it ... and the EMOTIONAL HOT BUTTONS which motivate purchase. 

Break your market into sub-groups with unique needs and your response rates almost always go up dramatically because you're getting the exact right message to the exact right person.   But how do you find out what people want (literally down to the letter)?  How do you READ YOUR CUSTOMER'S MIND?


Of course, with my background, you can bet I'm NOT talking about a simple survey, or playing with a few keyword tools. 

I'm talking about doing thorough and complete A to Z projects covering every aspect of the market and providing you with a detailed list of exactly what your market is looking for, what the most responsive people are most interesting in PAYING for, exactly how much it should cost you to generate a sale, and how to break your market into smaller groups for maximum effectiveness.

Bill Harrison
Philadelphia, PA

"I heard everybody raving about the results they were getting with Glenn's techniques, so I was one of the first people to sign up"

Listen, I'm not going to tell you you're going to get every last dime available in your market, ... but when you've so thoroughly researched a market and taken the time to cater to people's needs on such a precise level, ... how could you possibly be better positioned to scoop up the lion's share of the profits?

You'll get a hyper-responsive
intelligence system
so incredibly
thorough you'll feel confident going
into new markets even if you know
absolutely nothing about them

Perry Marshall
Oak Park, IL

"This is all about knowing a market, ... and it's so thorough that even if you don't have personal experience in that market you can still go into it and find out, what are the things that people will pay money for"

It's a system so powerful, it can virtually eliminate marketing risk and guesswork

It can tell you exactly what people are DESPERATE to any market.  Not what they're casually seeking information about (plenty of keyword search tools can tell you that)...but what they want to open up their wallets and give you money for.  No other comprehensive system can do this for you with the same precision and no-guesswork-accuracy.

Whoever Understands
The Customer Best Wins!

The Unlimited Traffic Technique

Jonathan Mizel (my partner in another company) taught me that on the internet, if you can convert more of your visitors to cash than your competitors, you can eventually tilt almost ALL the traffic in your favor, because you can pay more for visitors than anyone else. 

For example, let's say I can make $10 on an average visitor and you can only make $3.  Well, if I offer you $5 for your visitors, why would you continue to struggle trying to sell to them yourself?  Even OFFLINE, if you can make more money from a prospect than your competitors, they'll willingly sell them to you.  

Power ALWAYS gravitates towards a center.  Your goal must be to understand your customer better than ALL your competitors so you can engineer this tipping point in YOUR business.  And when you understand the hyper-responsive customer better than anyone else in the market, you win on a whole new level!

Can you see the possibilities for selling your own products on and off-line, selling products as an affiliate, generating and earning commissions on leads, & providing laser-targeted traffic to other businesses who have products perfect for your prospects?   Now, as I was about to say:

I'm Finally Providing
Step By Step Implementation
And Training
So YOU Can Build
Your Own Hyper Responsive
Marketing System

The system has EVERYTHING to do with SOLID RESEARCH PRINCIPLES you can use both on and offline ... laser-precise hyper-responsive research that reveals exactly what your most responsive prospects and customers want, how they want it delivered, and what they're likely to pay for.

I've already taught it to a very select group of marketers in a special closed-door event held at my home.  (These included Perry Marshall, Fred Gleeck, Bill Harrison, and many more well known people who asked to be my students).  And if you ask any of these people what kind of impact this research process will have on the marketing landscape, don't be surprised if they tell you ...

Without This Advanced Market
Your Business Is
Now Very Vulnerable

It had to happen sooner or later.  Big companies are making too much money doing this kind of stuff for smaller marketers to ignore it forever.  

Someone like me had to come along and bridge the gap, and I'm afraid I won't be the last ... which means soon, just to be able to survive people will simply have to have this kind of advanced market intelligence.  So apart from the fact you could be making more money using this system... your business will also soon be AT RISK. 

People who know how to do this kind of research will be able to come in and dominate your market (literally wiping out competitors).  The only way to be sure this won't happen is to find out exactly what the most responsive people in your market want and start delivering it so there'll be no reason to go elsewhere.

My hyper-responsive formula will show you how to do that.  It's called...

"Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets"
(For New Market Entries And  Existing Businesses)

"Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets" is much more powerful than anything I've ever put out before because I've discovered a better way to deliver it to make an IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE in your business.   You see, most marketers charge a fortune for a "shock and awe" package designed to overwhelm and impress you.  The goal is to leave your head spinning.  They want you to say "Wow!  I sure got a lot of impressive stuff!"

It doesn't matter to them whether you can actually implement what they sent you.  As long as you feel impressed and entertained long enough to get past the refund period, they're happy.

But here's the thing ... I've been around marketing game long enough to realize people can't drink from a fire hose, and it's important to me my work actually makes a difference in your business and in your life. (I don't have children so I really need my work to be meaningful) 

The biggest difference between success and failure is not brains, money, or luck ... it's IMPLEMENTATION.  So I'd rather give you ONE simple, powerful lesson every month and have you actually DO something with it, than get you all razzed up and excited with a truckload of material you barely have time to get through, much less act upon.

AND ... I want you to have enough finances left after paying for your education to be able to actually implement what I teach you!

Each Month You'll Get A Single Powerful Lesson You Can Start Using Right Away To Start Making More Money With Less Effort So You Can Enjoy Your Business, Your Passion, And Your Life

Here's What You Get Right Away When You Order:

  • Hyper-Responsive Manifesto:
    (62 Minute Video +  16 Page Action Summary Guide)

    A thorough orientation to the Hyper Responsive methods you'll be using in the months ahead, summarized in powerful action steps with brief illustrations and clear reasons why.  This is the critical first step to flooding your site with hyper-responsive buyers pre-sold on benefits your competitors won't know how to deliver. 
  • Keyword Hyper-Focus:
    (2 Hours of Video Instruction and Single Page Cheat Sheet/Action Guide)

    What's the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT BULLS-EYE KEYWORD in your business?  If you had to choose only ONE keyword to rank for, and only one to advertise in PPC, what would it be?    What are searchers on this keyword thinking and feeling as they bounce from competitor to competitor?  Who's winning the game on this keyword conversation, and why?

    What small set of related keywords is going to make you the most money?  How do you decide when you've strayed too far from your keyword bull's eye? 

    If you can't answer these questions in 15 seconds or less, you're losing customers, time, and money.   Because every keyword is a conversation, and having too many of them makes it impossible to effectively market on any ONE.   It's like being a kid in a "keyword candy store", except Mom's not there to stop you. The results are hours and hours wasted chasing keywords which never convert and continually distract you from delivering a laser focused, effective marketing message.   

    In this critical module, delivered the very first day, you'll immediately climb out of the buzzing, booming keyword confusion I call "Keyword Quicksand" ... the trap which leaves most marketers with shattered profits and broken hearts. 

    I'll show you how to find the single most important "BULLS-EYE" keyword in your market ... you'll see why it's no longer necessary to spend days doing keyword research, and why you may be seriously harming your ability to succeed if you do.  You'll finally have the confidence to "just say no" to seductive "quicksand keywords"

  • Hyper-Intelligence Sneak Peak
    (Each month you'll get an audio-visual "sneak peak" ... a kind of "head start cheat sheet" for what's coming next)

    Because I really want to keep you moving along, each month I'll also give you a sneak peak of what's coming next, including enough information for you to take "head start" action so you'll be able to make the most of the next month's plan.

    Month TWO is all about hyper-intelligence ... how to take your new-found keyword focus and use it to zero in on exactly who your REAL competitors are, what's actually working for them, where they're going wrong, what you should borrow, and how you can improve on what they're doing.  

    You might be familiar with existing spy tools, but you've never seen them used like this.  The sheer volume of competitive intelligence available these days overwhelms most people, who then summarily do NOTHING with it.   As we go forward you'll see ONLY what you really need to know to get the most bang for the least effort ... plus we'll go WAY beyond the standard tools into areas hardly anyone knows about.

    You'll see how to use your competitors' sites to identify MARKET GAPS and TRUE POINT OF DIFFERENCE BENEFITS which motivate Hyper Responsives in your market and build an extremely solid foundation for your business.  I'll also show you how to minimize what your competitors can steal from YOU

Then, Every 30 Days You'll Get Another Hyper-Responsive Marketing Secret You Can Use The Very Same Day To Increase Profits And Decrease The Stress In Your Business

  • Discover the single most important keyword in YOUR business: and the smallest number of related keywords you need to conquer ... the "sweet spot" in your keyword marketing world
  • Find out which laser-targeted sub-groups in your market are most responsive so you can focus your resources and avoid wasting money on people who won't reciprocate
  • Find out exactly what the Hyper-Responsives in your market want to BUY so you can tailor every last piece of your sales process (sales letter, telephone scripts, follow up sequences, etc) to powerfully motivate purchase
  • See what EMOTIONAL BUYING LANGUAGE is most effective for the hyper-responsives in your market .
  • Learn how to tell if a market is even worth testing in the first place (for those of you looking for a NEW market to tackle ... or for your very first one)

  • Mine for HIDDEN GOLD IN YOUR CUSTOMER LIST by identifying hyper-responsives and seeing how to sell them more expensive products and services

  • Discover HOW TO ORGANIZE & TEST YOUR OFFLINE ADVERTISING (direct mail lists, tv/radio, newspapers, trade journals, telephone lists, fax, post cards, etc) so you can eliminate waste,  maximize effectiveness, and minimize your cost per sale

  • Learn how to set up and optimize 'Teaser Ads' everywhere you advertise in to ensure you get hyper-responsive, hungry people coming through your funnel ... BEFORE you spend your precious money and time on product development and/or marketing.

  • Quickly and easily estimate your cost per sale in a market to determine if it's likely to be a profitable pursuit... you even get a precisely estimated cost per sale you can compare to what your competitor's are already selling in a market (could you make money with their margins?)

  • See which advertising sources are too expensive for your project BEFORE you spend a fortune on them ... spend your time and money on the areas of the market most likely to give you a profitable return.

  • Find out which competitors are most successful and reverse engineer their entire sales process.  Everything from their best keywords, ads, and landing pages to their follow up systems, sales pages, and emotional appeals.  For many, you'll even be able to see which changes to their site were most profitable for them over time!

  • Discover how to use surveys to identify "Point of Difference" benefits   so you'll know what people are likely to PAY for, not just what interests them!

  • Learn to get a detailed and powerful analysis using nothing more than a simple spreadsheet and 4th grade arithmetic.  (I'll show you how to do the kinds of things I used to get paid six figures for using only adds, subtracts, multiplies, & divides.)

  • Discover the "LIFE CYCLE" in your market so you can take people through step by step, sell more products and services, and create customers for life. 

  • Find out how to get your sales copy to virtually write itself.

  • Discover the RIGHT way to ACTUALLY TALK TO AND INTERVIEW your hyper-responsive prospects on the phone in order to gather their more deeply held (and purchase motivating) thoughts, feelings, and imagery.

  • See how to push the hyper-responsive emotional hot buttons in YOUR market.  (Learn how to leverage your prospect's more deeply held, emotional reasons for purchase)

  • Find out how to decide what's most likely to get people to actually take out their credit cards and give you money.

  • Discover how to design products, services, and sales processes specifically for the HYPER-RESPONSIVES in your market.

  • See how to choose the best lead capture strategy to optimize take rates and get you hungry, hyper-responsive people.

  • Learn how to roll out products that will deliver exactly what your market wants.

See For Yourself

Click Any Of The Pictures Below To See And Hear
Reactions From People Already Exposed To My
Hyper-Responsive Marketing Principles

(Videos and testimonials on this page are from people who attended the original seminar
and/or have worked with me or my products in other capacities over the years)

"The cutting edge advantage you need to get to the next level as a marketer!"

Please click the picture at left to watch Bill Harrison's video clips

" thorough that even if you don't have personal experience in a market you can go in and find out what people will pay money for"

Please click the picture at left to watch Perry Marshall's video clips

"Totally changed my thinking on keywords"

Please click the picture at left to
Sunny Hill's video clips

"I'm convinced it's going to revolutionize whatever you're doing"

Please click the picture at left to
Dave Seldon's video clips

"It's like having the answers to a test"

Please click the picture at left to
Brian Therrien's video clips

"Glenn's model is
superior to anything
I've ever seen"

Please click the picture to watch
Damon Dickinson's video clips

"The idea of laddering is very powerful"

Please click the picture at left to watch
John Parker's video clips

"Write your salesletters with ease"

Please click the picture at left to watch
Pat Wiklund's video clips

"Gets at the core of what marketing is really all about"

Please click the picture above to watch Bryan Todd's video clips

"Way beyond my expectations"

Please click the picture above to watch Jeff Hughes's video clips

"A very thorough job of answering everyone's questions"

Please click the picture to watch
Barbara Warburg's video clips

"I've never seen anything close!"

Please click the picture at left to watch Sam Hughe's  video clips

"We were at someone's home, just sharing ideas.  It really facilitated the learning process"

Please click the picture at left to watch
Fred Gleeck's video clips

"A completely new level of something that most people have not have any experience in"

Please click the picture to watch Stephen Georgulis'  video clips

There Are Literally Dozens Of Ways You Can Use This Hyper-Responsive Intelligence To Extract More Money From Your Market

Because this is a MARKET INTELLIGENCE system, you can use it online or off, for everything from small projects in a single person business to billion dollar marketing strategies in large corporations. 

You can use it to develop a killer customer acquisition strategy -- or -- to thoroughly understand your existing clients so you can maximize their value to your business.   You can use it to grow an existing business to heights you never dreamed of -- or -- to open up a brand new market the right way from day one.

Plus, to out and out BRIBE YOU INTO ACTION, you'll get all of the following FREE BONUSES IF YOU ACT TODAY...


Hyper-Responsive Adwords Methods
Adwords Principles I'll Bet You're Not Hearing Anywhere
Else To Supercharge Your Results And Attract The Most
Hyper-Responsive Buyers In Your Adwords Market!
(Audio-Visual Instruction, Examples, and a 5 Page PDF Cheat Sheet)
$65 Value

"Glenn Livingston has systematized AdWords research, setup, and management to the point where I pity anyone trying to compete against him." -  Howie Jacobson, Ph.D., "Adwords for Dummies" (Wiley)
“If there ever was a team to trust with your PPC management, these are the guys!" - Perry Marshall - "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords" (Entrepreneur Press)

In the old days, you could just drive traffic to a site without worrying about pleasing the visitors so long as you didn't mind ponying up the dough for the traffic.  But today, the rules have totally changed. 

I own and operate an online advertising agency, and pay per click management was our first core competency.  In fact, it may be the ONLY agency endorsed by the authors of BOTH major Adwords books (Perry Marshall's "Ultimate Guide to Adwords" and Howie Jacobson's "Adwords for Dummies").   I've personally seen hundreds of Google accounts, and my managers constantly keep me up to date. 

So I'm definitely in a position to say something about pleasing the Google monster (as well as the other engines), and in this easy to digest 5 page cheat sheet you'll get a few PRINCIPLES of pay per click market intelligence which virtually no one implements that can literally double your click through and/or conversion rates, and send your quality score demons back where they belong.

By the way, in my opinion ADWORDS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A PAY PER CLICK SEARCH ENGINE.  If you don't understand why, I'll guarantee you're throwing away a fortune!

More importantly, I'll show you how to craft your campaigns to attract the RIGHT (e.g. most Hyper-Responsive) visitors to your site, primed and emotionally motivated to purchase.  These are the NEW rules for Adwords you're not hearing anywhere else!

  • Find out why 99% of Adwords Advertisers --and yes, that almost definitely includes you-- are making split testing decisions based on the WRONG numbers!  (Hint: if you're only using Clickthrough or Conversion rate alone, you're needlessly throwing out dollars ... I've got a utility all set up for you to get the right numbers for free)
  • Discover a proven technique for choosing click through enhancing domain names for your Display URL --the only ownable real-estate in your ad!
  • See how to use simple surveys to find true points of difference for your Adwords Copy.  (Note: I'm known for using research techniques to develop ultra-high conversion landing pages, autoresponders, and salesletters ... but the most immediate leverage you can get with the least amount of work is in Adwords itself, and I'll explain exactly how I do it here)
  • See why Google Quality Score issues eventually bring most Adwords advertisers to a full stop, and how to fix this without Prozac, without getting a Ph.D. in search engine optimization, and without quitting everything else you're doing in your business for 3 months.  Send your Quality Score Demons back where they belong!

Then, in subsequent months you'll ...

  • Learn why ultra-local Geotargeting is the NEW "long tail" in PPC
  • Find out how to get extra leverage, and even less risk from your content network placement campaigns
  • Discover the one thing almost no one does when deleting poor performing keywords from an adgroup ... which defeats the whole purpose!
  • See why it's becoming more critical than ever that you separate Google from Search Partners from the Content Network

Email From A Client Who Previously Heard Me Present Hyper-Responsive Adwords Methods

(Keep in mind this was months before I recorded the new and improved version you'll get in Free Bonus #1)

"Hi Glenn,

I just picked up your Truth Profits program and I gotta tell you...I was blown away by the PPC section you included.

Like a lot of internet marketers, I've lost my shirt (and close to my pants! ;-) in getting pay-per-click completely WRONG for so long. I've purchased several programs but all they seem to do is tell you Google's "rules" or how to try to "game the system".

The format that your team used with discussing PPC was like being a fly on the wall as real pro's discuss what's REALLY working in this area. It's obvious that the other marketers you teamed up with were somewhat challenged at some point with PPC. They asked all the right questions (for beginners and pro's)...and you gave some incredible answers in a real step-by-step format.

I listened to the recording 3 times in a row and found new tips each time. In fact, I listened to it while on the treadmill at my gym and had to keep jumping off to scribble down the thoughts and ideas as they came pouring into my head! (I think you're personally responsible for about 750 calories I could have lost if I'd just been able to keep running! Won't hold it against you!)

Anyway, just wanted to say that I've listened to many of your recordings in the past but this one is by FAR the best yet. This section alone was worth far more than the price I paid.

Thanks for the tips!" -  Jeff Anderson, Chicago, IL

Even if you are NOT an Adwords advertiser, this bonus will be an invaluable foundation for shaping your thinking and helping establish you as an authority in your market area.  You'll reference it again and again, and it's worth several times the price of entry all by itself!

Perry Marshall on Direct Marketing
Principles for Service Businesses

(Approximately 74 Minutes MP3)
$25 Value

  • Perry Marshall on Direct Marketing Principles in Service Businesses:  Recorded originally for service professionals looking to develop their practice, this 74 minute interview contains ingenious insights into direct marketing processes that ANY business can use.


Copywriting Mastery Package
(Approximately 2 Hours MP3 Interviews
And 293 Pages of PDFs and Cheat Sheets)
$200 Value

  • Make More Money From Your Web Site With Proven, Tested Techniques & Easy-To-Follow Formulas For Creating Killer Internet Copy!: Precious few marketers understand sound copywriting principles, and even fewer know how to write ad copy for the INTERNET.  The number of people who actually buy from most websites vs. the number of visitors absolutely stinks.  

    In these MP3s, you'll hear Terry Dean revealing the details his web copywriting formula, step by step. (Terry retired before age 30 after having developed the first paid internet marketing membership site).  But you'll ALSO get to hear Terry interview copywriting legend Brian Keith Voilles, and ALL of the following additional "bonus bonuses" which come with Terry's package:

  • 50 Steps to a Great Salesletter Checklist: I personally print this out and review it before I launch most projects.  It's an 11 page super summary of all the "quality assurance hurdles" a salesletter needs to pass before it gets exposed to real prospects and customers.  (Priceless)

  • A Good Headline Can Easily Double Or Triple Your Response -- A Great One Can Do Even Better!  Especially when combined with Hyper-Responsive marketing principles.  That's why your Internet Copywriting Mastery Package also includes:
    • FREE Headline Gift #1: Robert Boduch's “Great Headlines – Instantly” (A $47 value):  This report is absolutely stunning. You'll discover time-proven secrets to getting your headlines to make more money, including (a) the 6 things really great headlines do -- and why you'd better make sure every headline you write does at least 4 of the six; (b) why a great headline makes writing the rest of your copy a breeze and changes copywriting from a chore to a dream; (c) the underlying secret behind truly great headlines; (d) 7 proven ways to increase the pulling power of any headline you create -- even (and perhaps especially) if you think you can't possibly make it any better... trust me, pushing yourself like this WILL pay off; (e) 69 simple, but market-tested tips for creating more effective headlines; (f) 7 headline formulas even a 6th grader can use; (e) much more!

    • FREE Headline Gift #2: Robert Boduch's “140 Easy-to-Use Tips, Techniques and Ideas for Creating Powerful, Riveting, Attention-Grabbing Headlines” (A $47 value): This is 17 pages of pure gold, which quickly teaches you.

    • FREE Headline Gift #3: Robert Boduch's “7 Quick & Easy Headline Formulas – Your Instant Reference Guide to Creating Dynamite, Attention-Getting Headlines” (A $47 value).  Robert really comes through again on this 23 page PDF which includes information on (a) the "Ultimate Benefit Formula" ... the secret questions you need to ask to find out what will make prospects and customer buy; (b) a simple "combination-strategy" which you'll recognize successful marketers using all across the internet; (c) the "Forget Your Product -- Deliver The Dream" technique which cuts right to the bone of prospect's emotional motivation; (d) the "Use Your Customer's Own Words" technique--which predates MY survey work by decades, and (e) over 600 samples of published headlines... headlines that copywriting experts like Eugene Schwartz, Brian Keith Voilles, Jerry Fisher, Joe Vitale, and Anthony Blake have actually used ... to help you generate your own ideas.  (Consider this your "winning headlines swipe file!"

($67 Value)

Adwords Checkmate

"Adwords for Dummies" author Howie Jacobson and I teamed up to create this product for effectively dealing with competition in crowded Adwords markets. This is NOT an introduction or overview of Adwords, but rather a specific method for cracking brutally competitive markets, or maximizing your profits in high volume traffic streams.  It's totally WHITE HAT and the search engines will NEVER ban it.  It used to sell separately in my systems for $67, but today you can only get it from me as a FREE bonus when you join the Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets Club!

Here's A Summary Of Everything You
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Hyper Manifesto

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Discover the Single Most Important Keyword for YOUR Business, and 100% Define Your Set Of Related Keywords To Conquer With Focus and Determination.   Be SURE exactly who your target is and discover how to confidently say NO to everything else!

OVER MY SHOULDER VIDEOS (Watch A Real Live Example)
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Hyper Intelligence
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How To Legally Steal $250,000 Worth Of Competitive Intelligence On Your Hyper Focused Keyword Set!

OVER MY SHOULDER VIDEOS (Watch A Real Live Example) plus 20 Minute Sneak Peak/Head Start on Month 2's Module


Hyper Responsive
Adwords Methods

Adwords Tips, Methods, Insights, and Advanced Principles you'll only get from the owner of a large PPC management agency (endorsed by the authors of BOTH major Adwords books in print)  74 Minutes of Audio Training, Examples, and a Concise Set of PDF Cheat Sheets


Perry Marshall on Direct Marketing for Service Professionals

Recorded originally for service professionals looking to develop their practice, this interview contains ingenious insights into direct marketing processes that ANY business can use.

74 minute MP3 interview with Perry Marshall


Insights Package

Terry Dean is perhaps best known for developing the most popular paid internet marketing forum.  But most people don't realize the cornerstone of his success is his copywriting ability.   In this audio, Terry Dean reveals the details of his copywriting formula, step by step. 50 minute MP3 and 704 pages (PDF) of Terry Dean's checklists, personally authored copywriting e-books, and examples


Adwords Checkmate

Adwords for Dummies author Howie Jacobson and I teamed up to create this extremely effective product for dealing with competition in profitable markets.  (Not an introductory product) 50 minute MP3 + 41 page PDF


Total Value -->



“Glenn Livingston has one of the most thoroughly vetted market research and product rollout systems I've ever seen. The man has reduced marketing to a nearly exact science." - Perry Marshall

Perry S. Marshall
Author "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords"

(Published by Entrepreneur Press)


"I've been a marketer for 21 years now and I've had some successes and failures, and when I look back on my track record I've found that the failures were almost always because I didn't know who I was selling to.  I was really kind of playing what Dan Kennedy would call 'blind archery' ... and when I've done well, it's always because I was very clear on who my audience was and exactly what they wanted.  I had done well even with some simple survey techniques, but I heard everybody raving about the results they were getting with Glenn's techniques, so I was one of the first people to sign up"

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA

"This is really a system where I can confirm before I go in and launch and start a venture, that I've increased my likelihood of success, ... you know, it's like having the answers to a test"

Brian Therrien
BST Enterprises
Charlotte, VT
(617) 747-3996


"Well ... they wouldn't even BE your competition, it's that simple as far as I'm concerned [...]  people who have this information CAN find out exactly what the market wants and, the thing is, to the degree ... it's just amazing ... you can can find out almost to the letter exactly what they want, exactly how they PHRASE what they want, it's just amazing, and someone who doesn't have that, as far as I'm concerned, is NOT your competition!"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia


"The thing that immediately hit me was how clear he was about his targeted customer.  He really knew what his customers wanted and was providing that to them ... so he had got such clear marketing ... and REAL marketing, none of this other stuff that is giving the name 'marketing' ...  he really knew the marketing for his niche, what needed to be done.  I saw that and went 'I WANT TO DO THAT!'"

Barbara Warburg
United Kingdom


I saw the seminar as the avenue that is going to take me to a very profitable and secure income level.  I expected to come to the seminar and learn how to do market research, learn how to study products, and with almost absolute certainty know that I could take those products, that research, that knowledge and ... apply it to a business and make money from it, ... investing small amounts of money up front to have a secure stable income"

Sam Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI


"The idea of laddering emotions is very powerful ... taking the features that people are talking about and linking those to the emotions that they're really looking for.  The subtlety of what Sharon was talking about is very significant because what we talk about in travel is usually romance or beauty, or something like that, but it's really much more subtle when you get into the layerings of what you can talk about"

John Parker,
Vancouver, CA


"...find out if there's even a feasible market. You know I started in this business in the early 90s when it was kind of 'blue skies' ... and a lot of it really was trial and error ... you would build a website and see if they come ... take your best ideas and put it out there and try to market a product or service based upon what we knew, ... and I've learned more and more as markets become more competitive and a lot of direct marketing is happening out there that market research is essential, and Glenn's model is superior to anything I've ever seen"

Damon Dickinson
Mandala Multimedia
Asheville, NC


"Glenn has an amazing way of approaching market intelligence.  He combines the HEAD, the analytical, the numbers ... with the HEART, ... the subjective, the 'less quantifiable' ... and then he comes at it from a different direction 'what we SAY and what we DO' ... it becomes a quadrant ... he attacks the market from north, south, east, west, ... and then he quantifies that, so that it truly does become a love relationship with the prospective customer, with the market.  I'm convinced it gives him the power that no one else has ... few other people do this!"

Dave Seldon
Nashville, TN


"I have real high expectations for seminars, ... I want lots of content, lots of ideas that I can take home and implement.  There were a couple of things that Glenn did that were really really important ... one is that he was incredibly prepared, with lots of materials.  The other thing was that he had really good take-a-way materials so that we didn't have to worry about catching every subtle nuance of what he said, or how he said it, or what some of the more elaborate formulas were[...] I learn best when I can go over things, rather than just hearing it once"

Pat Wiklund
San Francisco, CA


"I feel like we were all given so many tools and he went over it from every different angle ... and he entertained ALL the questions, and we had a very good group here who were very active & interactive and asked good questions.  I don't think I can think of any detail that was left out.  I'm just really pleased with the thoroughness, and the completeness, and the road maps!"

Sunny Hills
Maui, HI


"I can tell you that my expectations of coming was to get information concerning how to analyze a market, how to diagnose what the best entry point into a market would be, and then how that would help shorten that learning curve down the road.  And I can tell you quite candidly that my expectations of what I expected vs. the information which was given to me was just overwhelmingly good.  My thought coming here was that I'd kind of learn how to survey and understand the market a little bit better and then craft a business model that would fit the needs of that particular market ... and it went WAY BEYOND that in terms of giving me the tools to really penetrate and take my pick of a niche, or of a BROAD MARKET  and go into that with a lot of confidence.  Because I've gone into markets before and fell right on my tail because I wasn't prepared and now I'm looking back and just shuddering thinking 'my goodness, if I had known what I know now back then I could have saved thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache!"

Jeff Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI


"Your slides were clear, your explanations were clear, your handouts were clear, and I know exactly what I'm doing.

It's 11:30 on the Monday after the seminar, and I already have a very detailed to-do list here that I'm busy executing right this minute. I can't tell you how excited I am to be implementing everything you're teaching here. I mean that. I never would have realized how much of a goldmine there is in all of our keywords and how much we could be doing to learn more about our customers *before* they buy from us and streamline their learning process. And right now as I'm going over our Google accounts it's so screaming obvious to me how much more organized we could, and can, be with our marketing message. And we're the "experts"! Thank you, thank you, thank you [...]  I've got a big handful of other projects that I want to do this with as well, and I know your method will work. It will work for our current sales funnel, and it will be invaluable for starting up new projects too. There's no way I can go wrong with any of them if I do what you've taught here.

And do you know what I appreciate most about working with you and our group? It's how completely honest and unabashedly ethical you are. Sure, we'll grow our income through doing this, but the real story is that our customers will get what they want and need that much faster when we do this.

That's not ultimately a benefit to us as much as it's a benefit to them. I appreciate your pointing this out to us repeatedly over the weekend, and I appreciate knowing that you don't at all have a 'mercenary' attitude about this.

Give my thanks to Sharon too. I found her input at every point to be invaluable. I swear she's smarter than all of the rest of us combined! Especially showing us how she does focus groups. Have you ever considered making the two of you a guru-twosome? (She's a fantastic hostess, too.)"

Bryan Todd,
Perry Marshall & Associates
Oak Brook, IL


"in the next year I can see this [being worth] ... conservatively, $100,000, ... more than that very easily, ... in terms of the long haul, who knows ... could be worth millions and millions and millions for the long haul"

Jeff Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"He was very open ... some presenters can get frustrated by people asking lots of questions and them not understanding the first time ... but Glenn is very patient and will answer your question until you understand it, ... and will take you through the steps, ... so that's very positive, he's done a very thorough job of answering the questions"

Barbara Warburg
United Kingdom


"I think this is information that not many people have got.   Whereas you go to a lot of other seminars and you get a lot of the same stuff over and over or similar stuff ... this was just a completely new level of something that most people haven't had experience in!"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia


" ... let's look at the cost of failure ... if you kind of play 'blind archery' and spend all this time and effort trying to sell to people that you don't understand you're just going to get killed ... I can tell you from personal experience, that's what happens ...his whole process just saves you tons of time and gives you a very clear roadmap of exactly how to implement it.  So this is a real investment, I think it's the best investment you can make in your business" 

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA


"At the time of saying this I have no idea how much this course is going to be, but I would say that whatever the price is, it's going to be a lot cheaper than spending years trying to market a message to people that is the wrong message, because that's a very expensive business mistake.  So whatever you pay up front to learn how to research the market I think is money very well spent"

John Parker
Vancouver, Canada


On Using The System for New Markets:  "This is all about knowing a market, ... and it's so thorough that even if you don't have personal experience in that market you can still go into it and find out, what are the things that people will pay money for!" 

On Using The System for Existing Businesses: "I would say that, whatever you know about your market there's a certain amount of haze.  Unless you know your market excruciatingly well, like you talk to people every single day, ... and you can just completely read their diaries to them at night ... unless your knowledge is that good, then there is haze that you're not seeing through, and there are pockets of profit that are ... in your mind they're all mushed together but they're really separate ... like, a fisherman, ... like anybody in the fishing business knows that in the ocean or wherever they normally fish, there are certain places that you get the Halibut, and there are certain times of day when they're there, and there are certain ways that you have to steer the boat, and certain ways to drop your nets ... and you have to know ALL that stuff, and when you DO, you come into the dock and you've got the biggest catch of the day ... OK, but a lot of people think 'I'm just going to get in my boat and I'm going to go out there and drop the net' ... and they find out that that doesn't really work.  So this is what we're really talking about here.  These are where the fishing spots are, this is the kinds of bait that you use, this is how you approach them, this is WHEN you approach them ... there's a subtly to all this stuff, and if you don't already understand this about your market, that your market isn't really one market it's four markets, and they each want different things ... and you know how to slice that up ... that's what Glenn's system is really about!"

Perry Marshall,
Perry Marshall & Associates
Oak Brook, IL


"Well, one of the things I really liked about this event is that Glenn actually held it in his home, it was a very personal environment, and it made it so enjoyable to be here, because we didn't really feel like we were at an educational event, it was more like we were at somebody's home, just sharing ideas ... it really facilitated the learning process much better ... I enjoyed it a lot"

Fred Gleeck,
The Product Guru
Henderson, NV


"If you don't understand your customer and you don't understand what they want, it's very difficult to deliver to them.  I mean ... I've gone about and built other businesses and by luck have succeeded ... and I look back on it and it's like miraculous now but, I wouldn't do it again"

Brian Therrien
BST Enterprises
Charlotte, VT
(617) 747-3996


"Any business that's already successful needs to be able to do this well.  Corporations spend millions of dollars on doing this and still do it badly!"

Barbara Warburg
United Kingdom
My First Internet Journey


"I have to admit I was a little skeptical, I was concerned this was going to be a lot of work, and that it was really going to be, you know, really too much to do on my own.  But I was really pleasantly surprised that Glenn really made it very bite size, ... really chunked it down, ... so that I'm going to be able to go home with a good understanding of process, but I'm NOT going to have to do it myself.  I really like the fact that he gave us these outsourcing documents, and a lot of clear, specific direction on basically how to find someone who can do this stuff for us.  Because I don't know about you, but I just have so much going on that I'm very reluctant to take on new projects.  The fact that he's made it so easy so that I can easily outsource this to me is a HUGE plus!"

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA


"This is not a technique.  Glenn bases his approach on principles. They don't change.  I believe fully that if Claude Hopkins were alive today, he would be learning this.  This is that powerful, ... this is radical"

Dave Seldon,
Nashville, TN


"What Glenn's taught this weekend is pretty much, as far as I'm concerned, the ultimate in finding out what someone wants.  In any market, in any area of life you can apply this, and you could find out exactly what that person wants, and you can then go ahead and basically dominate that area in selling products to those people.  And the other thing that I think is absolutely phenomenal about it is that, not only will you just sell more, but you're giving them what they want.  That's the even better part of it ... if you have a passion for that market, especially, ... it's both sides of the coin.  You profit, but they profit too because they get what they want."

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia


"You've got a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the core ingredients of it for you, and as I said, Glenn summarizes for you 'Here is step 1, here is step 2, here is step 3' ... for what you're going to be doing on Monday morning.   The information is extremely clear, extremely succinct, extremely methodical, and the level of detail that Glenn goes into is amazing!"

Bryan Todd,
Perry Marshall & Associates
Oak Brook, IL


"Getting to do some of the interactivity that we did at the end was really great.  One of the things that stood out was Glenn's wife doing a live forum ... a focus group live, that was great for me, to have the insight of how that works.  To get deeper into the hearts and the souls of people who are responding to surveys.  That was a new component that really added a new dimension for me"

Damon Dickinson
Mandala Multimedia
Asheville, NC


"I have watched Glenn's business go through a complete transition with this system that I've learned and have been taught here, and his business has just gone through the roof while mine has been stagnant ... so it's one of those things, you know 'If you can't beat'm, join'm type of deal'"

Brian Therrien
BST Enterprises
Charlotte, VT
(617) 747-3996

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"Someone in the audience [at Perry Marshall's seminar] asked Glenn 'when do you know when you can get into a new market' ... and his answer astounded me ... he said 'my life changes ... when my life has changed, I know I'm ready to go into a new market' ... and that was so intriguing to me"

Dave Seldon,
Nashville, TN

"The title sums it up 'Do Your Friggin' Research!'  If you're really serious about wanting to do  business and you've got a work ethic and you've got the drive, ... and you want to make a career, a business, a lifestyle out of this ... this is THE best tool out there to use.  I've never seen anything that comes even close to what this process, ... this seminar, ... this series of DVDs & CDs that will be available ... I've never seen anything that can actually give you the step by step instructions that on how to take this knowledge, implement it, do the surveys, gather the data, diagnose the data, and make a business out of this that will be stable and almost impenetrable by others"  [Note: the working title for the product was originally 'Do Your Friggin' Research' ... Sam references this herein]

Sam Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI


"Sharon (Glenn's wife) spends a good deal of time going through ... kind of talking to people in a very real, human, emotional way (Glenn does that too - very well), ... what I felt and what I realized was how thoroughly emotional we are and how much our imagination is involved in our buying process, ... and how much your imagination as marketers could really be tapped into to learn to think like our customer does.  Also tapping into your customer's imagination in order to get your customer to tell you what it is they really want, what they think, what they feel, ... that your product can solve, of course.  And so, that is what I came away with, especially with the interaction between Glenn & Sharon, and their talk too.  That, we are VERY emotional, and sometimes when you ask your customer straight out 'well what do you want!' ... your customer isn't going to know how to answer that question, but with some of the techniques they used here ... I really liked the approach of getting a person to stop and relax and think and kind of imagine 'in a perfect world I would have this and this and this' ... that was really helpful to me ... it actually gave me a road map for how I'm now going to go interview and do focus groups with my customers ... it's a lot less Voodoo than I thought it was.  In the world of direct marketing focus groups sometimes get a bad rap ...because sometimes if you make people think too hard about something they don't give you very good answers ...  but what we've gotten here is actually very solid, very good, very concrete and it gets your mind working and gets you thinking the way your customer does and just seeing your market in a whole new way!"

Bryan Todd,
Perry Marshall & Associates
Oak Brook, IL


"...personally I've found writing sales letters very very time consuming and really agonizing, particularly if you're not clear on the benefits.  So what I really like about Glenn's process is that once you go through it your copy practically writes itself.  He really teaches you to drill down on exactly what people want, ... what are the top 3 benefits, what are the top objections ... it really makes the process of writing copy infinitely easier!"

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA


"I originally came to this seminar from the Perry Marshall advanced Google Adwords seminar, ... I saw Glenn's presentation there, and what it did was, first of all ... it matched my basic philosophy which is ... find a hungry market first, find out exactly what they want or need, and then give it to them, and then continue to give it to them.  What Glenn showed me was a model that allowed me to do that consistently ... a reproducible system to do that"

Damon Dickinson
Mandala Multimedia
Asheville, NC


"I would say to a friend of mine, ... yes, I know you may have been burned before and you may be weary, ... but you really need to do this, this is truly for real!  If you're not ready to do this, you're not serious.  You need to do this"

Dave Seldon,
Nashville, TN


 "I'm absolutely blown away with the way he's delivered to everyone this weekend ... everyone that's wanted to know something ... he's gone over it in detail ... he's explained it all, and I don't think anyone watching these DVDs later, or anyone here at the event this weekend, will have a question left that they haven't had answered"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia


"I have every confidence in the world that I can put this process into practice, partly because of all the tools that he gave us, but the other part of it was that it was just so intuitively obvious.  What he's given us are not just tools to reach the clients, not just to reach those customers that are really appropriate to our materials, but also to help us shape content that is going to fit those people"

Pat Wiklund,
San Francisco, CA


"Someone that knew this could out-write some of the best copywriters in the world, because they [the best copywriters in the world] couldn't get the thorough understanding of a market that the people that have this information could ... and that's incredibly powerful"

"The thing that separates average copywriters from the great copywriters is that the really good ones know how to research.  The thing that a lot of people talked about in this seminar, as they've been chatting to each other is that, by learning this stuff their copy almost writes itself.    They know what the markets wants, they know what they need to provide the market with in their products and all that and essentially your copy is only telling them that your product is there and it can help them ... your copy really writes itself, and that's what interested me about it"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"It's the best investment you can make in your business" 

Bill Harrison, Philadelphia, PA 

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

Then, every  month you'll get another FULL SET of "make a real difference in my business in the next 30 days" easy to follow, comprehensive, step by step videos, MP3s, PDF summaries and cheat sheets, etc.   

At this point I hope you're very excited (bursting at the seams) to get your hands on the "Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets" System.  But there's one last serious question we have to address before you go forward ...

Is This Really For You?

I want to be absolutely sure I haven't set any unrealistic expectations before you get your hands on my system.  The plain truth is, my Hyper-Responsive Traffic and Sales Rocket method is NOT for everyone.  

To succeed, you've got to be the type of person who'll really go through and actually implement the action steps.   I know that sounds ridiculously obvious ... but there ARE some people who watch a few lessons and just wait for the results to magically appear. 

You see this is NOT the kind of thing I expect to make you just a few hundred extra dollars a month.    It's the kind of thing that, if you actually go through and do it, ... can dramatically increase your business profits, over and over again. 

OK.  Now let's talk about  ...

Your Investment For This
One Of A Kind Hyper-Responsive
Business System

Before I tell you exactly what it is, I want you to hear two very important thought about this investment (please watch the videos below now):

"I'd reach out of [the] website and grab [the person reading] and say 'Listen, don't make the expensive mistake of not doing your research ... it's just SO costly!'"

"Whatever the price is, it's going to be a lot cheaper than spending years trying to market a message to people that is the wrong message!"

I used to bill clients $100,000+ for a single project, and you've seen proof of just how much this system brought me in PASSIVE INCOME month after month after month, ... so you might think I'd charge you $10,000 or more.   But I'm NOT going to because that would restrict me to large companies and I've really had enough of Corporate America. 

Also, the course is several years old and although all of the principles taught are still extremely accurate, some of the demonstrations and links are dated.  So if you're someone who thinks the fact I demonstrated these principles using an old AdWords interface means they aren't valid (and you think seeing the shiniest, newest graphics is what makes the marketing lessons you're learning good), for example, then this is NOT the course for you. 

On the other hand, if you understand that learning marketing principles virtually nobody else can teach is where the real gold is, then please continue!

Anyway, because I want to make this available to entrepreneurs of all sizes, and because of the age of the program, I've settled on a much more reasonable price of just ... 

$146/mo  $97/mo
(Only $97 after the 1/3rd off discount)

That's a pretty fair price, ... after all it's probably about what you'd pay for a family meal for 4 at a decent restaurant.  Plus, you'll get a:

100% Money Back Guarantee

Of course, like everyone else, I'm giving you a 100% guarantee.  If you're not happy for any reason I'll refund your money any time during the first thirty days, no questions asked.   

And after 30 days you can still cancel any time you want, for any reason you want.  Just send an email to (or give us a quick phone call 800-431-8819).  A quick email or a phone call is all it takes to immediately stop your membership and you'll never be billed again.

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