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Really pleased with the thoroughness, completeness, and the road maps!

"We were all given so many tools and he went over it from every different angle ... I'm just really pleased with the thoroughness, and the completeness, and the road maps!"


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Dominate the market and ignore the competition!

"This is the first thing that's on the front end of what we want to do to totally dominate the market and create a strong foundation for eliminating the competition, ... being able to ignore the competition"


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"I was amazed at the focus group training!"

"I was amazed at the focus group training.  I was in the back and got to observe the whole process and I just thought it was just super"


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Totally changed my thinking on keywords!

"I have always subscribed the general theory on keywords that what you want to do is get these long keywords that no one else is searching on .  But what I found was, Dr. Livingston, ... he searches on what the DEMAND is of any keyword ... that just totally changed my thinking."


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"I'm running out of breath but, it was just awesome, totally awesome!"

"I'm running out of breath but ... it was just awesome ... totally awesome!"


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