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"I saw the seminar as the avenue that is going to take me to a very profitable and secure income level.  I expected to come to the seminar and learn how to do market research, learn how to study products, and with almost absolute certainty know that I could take those products, that research, that knowledge and apply it to a business or apply it to a business money and make money from it, ... investing small amounts of money up front to have a secure stable income"



"Exceeded my expectations"
"It exceeded my expectations because Dr. Livingston actually put this into a more user friendly language where I could actually know how to apply it and not be overwhelmed with the technical ... the data ... all that stuff which seems to overwhelm people ... so he's exceeded my expectations and he's brought it down to a level that I think any businessman can understand, especially if you're serious about marketing online"


"I've never seen anything that even comes close"
"This is THE best tool out there to use.  I've never seen anything that comes even close to what this process, ... this seminar, ... this series of DVDs & CDs that will be available ... I've never seen anything that can actually give you the step by step instructions that on how to take this knowledge, implement it, do the surveys, gather the data, diagnose the data, and make a business out of this that will be stable and almost impenetrable by others"