Milwaukee, WI

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"Way beyond my expectations"

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"I've gone into markets before and fell right on my tail because I wasn't prepared and now I'm looking back and just shuddering thinking 'my goodness, if I had known what I know now back then I could have saved thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache!



"You'd be a fool not to purchase!"

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"If you want to get deeper on your own and make more money, this is something that I think you'd be a fool not to purchase because I don't know of any other product out there that's going to give you the depth of information and tools!  But I've got one caveat about this [...] you have to do some work ... it's not like you put up a survey and two weeks later you get the results and you make a product and you're making money ... you gotta do some work, you gotta interview people, you gotta do a focus group ... you gotta do the whole thing ... but if you do that, it's going to pay off!"