Lincoln, Nebraska

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The emotional interviewing techniques were very helpful!

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"We are VERY emotional, and sometimes when you ask your customer straight out 'well what do you want!' ... your customer isn't going to know how to answer that question, but with some of the techniques they used here ... I really liked the approach of getting a person to stop and relax and think and kind of imagine 'in a perfect world I would have this and this and this' ... that was really helpful to me ... it actually gave me a road map for how I'm now going to go interview ... it gets your mind working and gets you thinking the way your customer does and just seeing your market in a whole new way!"
Find out more about your customers than any other online marketer can!

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"You can tell [your customer] that you're there to scratch his itch, and that whatever it is that you're selling is the solution to his problem.  All marketing starts with that.  Glenn's method as he's teaching you this is telling you exactly how to find out what he's thinking and find out what he's really itching about because, you know, unfortunately we can't know every last one of our customers intimately inside and out but what Glenn's method let's you do is learn so, far much more about him than pretty much any other online marketer up to this point has ever been able to do!"
"The level of detail that Glenn goes into is AMAZING!"

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"You've got a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the core ingredients of it for you, and as I said, Glenn summarizes for you 'Here is step 1, here is step 2, here is step 3' ... for what you're going to be doing on Monday morning.   The information is extremely clear, extremely succinct, extremely methodical, and the level of detail that Glenn goes into is amazing!"